3 Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Home Moving Service

3 Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Home Moving Service

It’s moving day, and you have made the wise choice of hiring a home moving service. Doing this can save you a lot of time and frustrations since professionals will come in and pack up all your stuff up and carry it to your new home. But Just hiring any home moving service won’t do; you need to hire the right one like the movers from http://postalchangeaddress.com. Hiring the wrong home moving service comes with some consequences that can be costly. Here are three of them:


1. Damaged or Missing Items
When you hire a home moving service, you expect to get your belongings delivered to your new home without any problems. The mover will probably be transporting some fragile and extremely valuable items that need to be handled with care and professionalism. And when you don’t hire professionals, you end up with damaged or missing items. This scenario can quickly become worse if the home moving service doesn’t have any insurance, which means you have to cover the cost of replacing the items yourself. You have to make sure that the movers you hire have some level of insurance (as required by law) to compensate you in the event that they damage or lose your items.

2. Late Delivery
Another problem with hiring the wrong home moving service is that there is a high chance that your items will arrive days late. What’s worse is that they won’t even give you a proper explanation for the delay. Even the professionals can deliver your items late sometimes due to circumstances beyond their control, which is understandable. but they can only keep them for a reasonable amount of time. If the home moving service keeps your items beyond what is considered a reasonable amount of time (others can keep them for months) to the point they are acting dodgy, you might need to report them to the proper authorities and file a dispute against them.

3. Hidden Charges and Hostage Shipments
Some home moving services are downright scammers who want nothing more than to make you pay more than their services are worth. They will provide you with an extremely low estimate on purpose just so you hire them. After you hire them and they come carry your items, they will insert some hidden charges and give you no other choice but to pay them more than you agreed if you ever want to see your items ever again. The federal government calls this act “hostage shipments”. To avoid this, make sure the estimate is signed by the moving service and that it clearly outlines the things to be moved and what services will be rendered. If they don’t agree to sign the estimate, you shouldn’t hire them. As you can see, the risks of hiring the wrong home moving service can cost you a lot of time and money. Just make sure that you hire professionals from the start if you wish to avoid any of these consequences. To make sure you hire the right home moving service, do your research by finding out all you can about them, including what other people who have used the service are saying about it online.

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