All about social security cards

All about social security cards

The Social Security Card is the document which carries social security number (SSN) . Social Security number is a nine digit number which issues to US permanent residence, temporary work residence under the act of 205 (c) (2) of social security.

The Social security card is required to get jobs, social security benefits and other benefits. It is not necessary to bring SSN card every where you go and should keep a safe place in your location. Learn more at

SSN can be obtained by presenting below documents for both children and adults as follows.For a child it is necessary to present valid birth certificate which sends through the agency and will be directly contacted by Social security center for verification purpose.lf your child is adopted , you are required to send details indicating reason for adoption and tax details.Normally below mention documents are ask for children and when issuing SSN.

State issued non drivers identity carSd- Adoption Decree- Doctor , Clinic or Hospital Records- Religious Records- School day care center reports- School Identification card If you are a adult, apart from above documents below documents should be presented to prove identity ,age, U.S citizenshipFor a example

To prove identity

Employee identity card- School Identity card- Health insurance card

To prove age/Citizenship

Birth certificate- Religious records- U.S Pasport Once the above Documents presented along with SSS form to your local security office they will mail your SSN .However following facts should be keep in mind where necessary.

If you filed Form D8 230

If you filed for immigrant visa you will be asked ‘ Do you want social security administration to assign your SSN or issue a new card’ the answer should be yes.This programme will be applicable only immigrant visa holders only.

Previous SSN

If you have Social Security Number previously it is for your entire life . If you want new SSN you have to visit Your Local office to get new Social Security Number with the previous number.

Apply Before l-94 Expires

Most of the Local offices not granted to apply new Social Security Number immediately. It Should be applied before 14 days to the expire of l -94.

Lost of Social Security Number

If you lost your wallet or Social Security card immediately inform to the police station and get a written report and submit Social Security Administration office for new one.

Apart from above factors it is remembered that SSN is a social insurance programme which is funded through payroll taxes.The funds are goes to various welfare programmes and paid out base on how long an individual contributed to the social security. The number issued to an individual is the social security number and it is widely use in banks , hospitals, educational institutes as a personal identifier. Only people who are granted to work from the Department of homeland Security ( DHS) can apply for Social security Number and keep it safe in a special location is your responsibility.

There are new legislation on getting Social Security numbers online using SSA page locally and can get the SSA on same date with special permission with extra cost giving the required accurate documents after through inspection of the accuracy by Social security Administration office.

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