CSGO betting advice

CSGO betting advice


In this article we will be giving you the best advice and guidelines on betting in Esports shooting game called counter strike global offensive ( CS:GO) . This an online game-play that involves multi players in a team plus its action based , players fighting for ranks and weapons in different map settings . A lot of people have gained interest in the shooting game ever since its inception 12 years ago . Having millions of users worldwide , a lot of betting companies have added it to there platforms like betway , esports , Bet365 , and Bethard to name a few .

Being more and more mainstream CS:GO betting is available in major tournaments and professional leagues globally , it would be smart to take advantage of these points and guidelines to make wise predictions, what about some CSGO betting advice from https://www.rivalry.gg/esports/csgo-betting-advice? lets get to it then!

1. There are numerous esport betting sites out there but you need a trustworthy site that will be able to keep your information safe , have high odds and free bets . Some of these sites include betway , bet365 , gg.bet and Mr green to name a few.

2. You will also need information and updates on events , leagues and tournament to assist on your betting and the best place to get them is on Reddit , they have daily bet threads that allow discussions on top CSGO matches , you can ask questions , discuss betting and make predictions.

3. In order to know the best bets to place , one should be able to identify the teams that are participating in a particular event . Bets should be placed according to the playing style of the team , star players and what maps are advantageous , these factors have significant on the outcome of the games.

4. Always take note of the odds and match betting in CSGO gaming sites , other sites have higher odds compared to there counterparts , you need to be value aware , because you may find bookmakers placing lower and stun penalties on teams with better winning chances , underdogs have high odds but are unlikely to win so having this in mind you can place your bets wisely.

5. You need real time updates on the bets you want to place your money on , and the best way to achieve this is through streaming. Twitch helps you check on your favorite stars and having millions of broadcasters at there disposal they are able to show the progress of first person shooter players . YouTube also has live CSGO games helping to boost odds of your bets in real time , just sign into these accounts and begin assessing your bets.

6. Social media platforms are great places for anybody wishing to make a CSGO bet. Sites like Facebook and Tweeter are good for gaining insight on your bets . Tipsters are on twitter , and with good track records of their odds on CSGO events . They use the #csgobetting hashtag and on Facebook you will find company and community pages committed to CSGO bets and by finding them , they will be able to share with you their valuable experience and information on the next showdown.

Using our CSGO betting advice will help you make informed decisions on your bets , we help supplement your research , analysis and stats due to the unpredictable outcomes of CSGO games and by doing your homework and following our guidelines you will be able to get earn money on counter strike global offensive bets , good luck and bet responsible.

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