Explaining the loss of a Social Security Card

Explaining the loss of a Social Security Card


It is every parent’s responsibility to ensure that a child has a Social Security card at all times. At times this card could be misplaced, lost or stolen, just as it is easy to lose track of any other important document. The social security card is one of the most important documents to have around. This article focus on helping parents as well as guardians on getting a replacement for a lost or stolen Social Security Card of their child. Social Security Card Replacement

To begin this procedure, you need to visit the Social Security Office and explain the loss. Then you have to fill the application form (SS-5) and provide documents that are necessary for the replacement. Alternatively, one can download this SS-S form from the website (www.socialsecurity.gov) and review necessary documents. After gathering all the necessary information, mail the SS-5 form and the required documentation to the Social Security offices. The documents presented should be original and not expired in order to reduce how long it takes for processing.

A birth certificate can only be used to prove the age of the child but it’s not an identity proof. Social security requires evidence that the child exists beyond birth. For a document to be acceptable for child identity, it should show the name of the child, date of birth, age, parents’ names as well as a recent photograph. Documents such as US. passport, non-drivers identification card, clinic, hospital or doctor records, an adoption decree, religious records or school identification card are important to provide for identity proof. In case the child is between the ages of 12 to 18 years, helshe should appear in person for an interview at the Social Security Office.

The parent will also have to prove his/her identity by providing original documentation or certified copies from the issuing agency. These documents should show name, other identifying information as well as a photograph of the parent. After which the parent or guardian needs to prove his/her relation to the child. This can be proven by availing the child’s birth certificate as well as your own or provide an adoption decree in case the child is adopted.


After completing the few steps procedure, sit back and wait for the card processing. The Social Security Office will verify the documents and take about ten to fourteen business days to get the new Social Security Card ready. The Social Security Office then mails the card to the address you provided. The new card will have the same social security numberjust like the previous one.

Where the documents presented were mailed to the Social Security Office, they will be mailed back plus the receipt. Replacing a stolen or lost Social Security card is free, at times you will find scammers who claim to offer the same service at a fee. On the other hand, replacing a lost or stolen Social Security card have some limitations. One can only have three replacements per year and ten times in a lifetime. In other cases like legal name changes, citizenship or naturalization, the above limitations do not apply.

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