Top Electronics Of All Times

Top Electronics Of All Times

Electronics, the name itself has so many depths that can’t be measured. In our day to day life we, the modernized Homo sapiens, becoming indulged more and more in it. From wearing a T-Shirt and setting the collar, up to the end of our day, in every moment there is the existence of gadgets and technologies. Globally in every moment, many new discoveries are being made based on the previously determined physics laws. Whatever be it, we are enjoying the advantages and luxury of those gadgets. Since there are lots of gadgets that can be found from, it results in competition and every multinational company are giving their best to upgrade their individual products to establish it as the superior and the latest form available in the market. This healthy competition in turns leads to ease of life of common folks; we can’t access all the lakhs and lakhs gadgets made every day and so we can at most, just sort out the best of them and enhance the glory of our room and make us feel proud to be the owner of it. Below are described some of the globally accepted TOP

5 most useful gadgets:


We all are well acquainted with the name Xiaomi, the famous smartphone designers? But how many of you know that Xiaomii has also another best electronic products? Nobody does know. Its a device designed by Xiaomi Multinational company. The working principle is very simple for it. The end of the meter is needed to be dipped in an unknown water sample to check the PPM rating on the digital screen and it’s largely helpful in figuring out the composition of water we are taking in.


We all, more or less use computers. Forget about computers, nowadays we all have used smartphones and iPhones. If you find sometimes hard to control any of the above, just pick up the Mantis Tek Mini Keyboard. Any type of computer operation, android typing operations anything can be now customized easily, without any hassles. Convenient for holding, due to a nice shape, small size and easy to use design


With a dashing name comes, dashing functionalities. ZTE HAWKEYE is claimed to be the World’s First ‘Crowd sourced’ Mobile Device, created just after the 400 submissions from over 176 Global countries. With the super advanced technology to convert eye movements into software, commands deserve a round of applaud. It also has the potentiality to end the quarrel over watching of different shows, on the same screen by split-screen technology. Loaded with latest android Nougat, a pair of front 8 and back 13 MP camera, Snapdragon 625, gives it another level. It may be counted in third place in top 5 most useful electronics but personally my favorite one.


Getting bored with an old style of holding your hands up in the air and smiling falsely before the camera? Want to try something new? You ought to opt for The Hover camera by ZeroZero Robotics, which is a drone, built specially for selfies. Being portable and even foldable makes its accommodation easy within pocket gaps. The Hover Camera has a 13 Mp camera and also capable of recording videos in stunning 4K resolution.


Want to get a handy laptop? With the outcome of the most latest technological advancement, the only great option is ACER PREDATOR 21X. Acer claims it to be the First of its kind in the world to feature, a 2000R curved screen display with 21:9 aspect ratio. The special features of this beast are entangled in its dual NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card, 7th Generation core, and lots more but which comes just in 8 kgs!

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