What Exactly Does a Personal Injury Solicitor Do

What Exactly Does a Personal Injury Solicitor Do

With the varied solicitors available, and all the different forms of law that they cover, it is not surprising that most people do not understand what a personal injury solicitor does, or how they do it.

A personal injury solicitor is one that has taken the time and additional courses to help you recover from a grievous injury. This injury could be caused either maliciously or accidentally. It could be the result of a car accident, a slip, and fall accident, or even a work place accident. The solicitor represents you and your welfare in such cases to get you back to where you were financially and health-wise before the accident.

A personal injury solicitor also covers you in a case of negligence. An example of this would be a garage door opener that is faulty, and during the process of driving your vehicle out of your garage, it lets the garage door slam down onto the hood of your vehicle. In a case such as this, there is not only property damage but also the possibility of personal injury. A personal injury solicitor would contact the maker of the garage door opener, along with various professional investigators, to verify that it was a faulty piece of equipment that caused the problem and not something you did during installation. The solicitor would also discuss the accident with any witnesses that might have seen the accident.

Before even considering going to court in most cases, a personal injury solicitor will contact the persons involved and discuss a cash settlement to cover the costs of medical care and property damage. Most often, once a personal injury solicitor is involved in a case, the responsible party will gladly accept the proposed settlement.

If not, however, a personal injury solicitor is then prepared to file a lawsuit. This is simply another step towards completing the case, but once again, this step further convinces many responsible parties to simply settle, rather than go through a long, drawn-out case that will involve further expenses such as their attorneys and court fees, learn more at Tiernan & Co. personal injury solicitors.

If the case actually goes to court, it is the job of personal injuries solicitors to make the case, offer for consideration all the evidence that has been located, present the bills to that date and an estimate of further medical bills or damages that are a result of the accident, and convince a jury that the victim needs to have restitution made to them to put things right. This could include such expenses as medical, loss of work, property damage, and even the possibility of punitive damages. If punitive damages are awarded, it usually sends a message not only to the responsible party but also to other parties in the same line of work to be more careful with their products.

When choosing a personal injury solicitor, it may be wise to talk to any of your friends or business acquaintances who may have had a similar injury and see whom they recommend. They can also tell you a little more about how the case will be dealt with, which can ease some of the fears of having to hire a personal injury solicitor.

Whatever you do, don’t hire the first personal injury solicitor you see advertised on the telly. Make sure you make an appointment with him or her and sit down to discuss the case. You need to feel comfortable talking to them, and you also need to feel that your case is important to them. If you find that you feel as though that particular solicitor is overworked, continue looking. Also, make sure that you talk to a few and see which one is the best for you and your case.

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