Why the Remington Beard Trimmer is awesome

Why the Remington Beard Trimmer is awesome

The Remington Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 is made for a complete, clean trimming that leaves you with a little mess to manage and everyday confidence. The Philips Norelco beard trimmer kit will enable men to trim their mustache, sideburns, beard, and any facial hair style effortlessly.

The Philips dry beard trimmer is rechargeable and cordless. It’s integrated vacuum with a fan system, and high-velocity motor creates a powerful suction that will suck 90% of the cut hair, so you do not need to worry about any mess on your face or clothes. The beard trimmer is designed in a grey and black plastic case. The three grey plastic is trimming combs, a trimmer, and its trim and lift technology to help guide hair to the blades edges to cut smoothly. If you want to shave your head, check out http://beardcareshop.com/how-to-shave-your-head/.

There is a transparent plastic reservoir with a funnel that collects the hairs at the top. This is very helpful because you don’t have to clean up hairs on your floor, counter or sink. Just open then the tiny door and empty the contents in the garbage.

The blades of the Philips beard trimmer are designed with an innovative trim and lift technology. The trimmer lifts the hair up first and guides the blade then shears them off resulting in a more effective trim. The blades within the Philips beard trimmer have self-sharpening blades made of steel. This means the Beard trimmer will always cut perfectly like it was brand new. This also prevents disorders caused by blunt blades such as skin irritation. The blades are double sharpened which help to cut more hairs in each pass.

The steel blades don’t contain nickel which is known to cause skin irritations. The use of the attachable hair combs there is twenty unique built-in length settings which are enough for an excellent personal trim. To pick your trim settings turn the blue zoom wheel until you reach your desired length. The lengths are shown ranging from 0.5 mm to 10 mm, and the other two combs do 5 mm and 3 mm. The Norelco Philips beard trimmer series 7200 is ideal for men who have previously used pair scissors and comb only to get odd results. The trimmer is powered on by a lithium-ion battery which is an excellent battery for a high-performance trimmer. It takes one hour to get charged entirely. On a fully charged battery, the trimmer will give you around eight minutes of cordless trimming. If you did not charge it up, you could use it with the cord attached. There is also a power battery indicator located on the front of the trimmer below the onloff button.

The trimmer cannot be used while wet only when dry, but you can remove the plastic combs and trimmer’s head so they can be rinsed with water. This will get rid of any stray hairs that were missed by the vacuum system. You can empty the reservoir with water to get out all the hair. The kit also includes a cleaning brush for perfect cleaning.

The Remington Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 7200 is not your ordinary trimmer. With the vacuum system and new lift technology, it is unique in the market. It is very portable it can be used at home or for traveling. The Philips beard trimmer is more affordable and can be found at Amazon.com.

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